Up, UP and AWAY by Adam Georgelin – Beginners to Winners – July 2016 – Volume 1, Issue 1

Up, UP and AWAY by Adam Georgelin

YOU may have seen articles published in November last year and a follow up article in June in the Victorian North Central Review Newspaper about a group of locals from the Wallan Racing Pigeon Club who meet weekly as affiliates of The Victorian Racing Pigeon Union for the exciting sport of racing pigeons. vrpu
The 2016 racing season began in June and runs through to October.
charliegrechThere is a stigma around pigeons. This negative view is based on a prejudice of feral pigeons, not racing pigeons, which are in fact the Sally Pearson of the skies, both beautiful and primed athletes, who are kept and maintained to the highest standards, some, at times are kept under better living arrangements than most humans.
They do not soil or feed in other people’s properties. Races are decided by decimal points, birds are released from a race point, they race and then fly back in to the home loft with no flying around the neighborhood. Unlike parrots and budgies pigeons do not graze on seed all day, they are fed only once or twice daily with accurately measured feed, this means there is no chance of vermin.
From May through to October it is training time for these little sprinters, so it will not be uncommon to see the purpose built trailers heading up the highway and through town or batches of birds fly over your rooftop.
With the goal of bringing renewed opinions and knowledge of these fearless flyers to the local area the Wallan Racing Pigeon Club are hoping for a successful race season and will publish the race results weekly in the North Central Review newspaper.
If you live in the Wallan area or would just like some information in regards to how you can get involved please contact Wallan Racing Pigeon Club via email on adamgeorgelin862@hotmail.com or call Adam Georgelin on 0402 987 095



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