The Pigeon Radio Australia Team

Ivan Fonti


Ivan Fonti has over 30 years experience in radio broadcasting. Having produced a number of multicultural programs on
various community radio stations in Australia.

He started back in 1980 involved in producing the Croatian radio program on 3EA Melbourne,which is now known as SBS.
He then went on to produce the Croatian radio program on 3ZZZ 92.3FM.

He was involved in producing many multicultural programs. at many stations,88.3 Southern FM,979FM Melton 97.9FM,3CR,3BBB 99.9FM Ballarat, WYNFM 88.9FM and Canberra Multicultural Service Community Radio 91.1FM.

In the 1990’s, Ivan was the producer of “Croatian Television Vukovar”
on community television station Channel 31 Melbourne.

He produced a short stint of the Pigeon Radio program on 97.9FM Melton,in 2005.
he then left the sport of Pigeon racing for ten years and when returning to the sport in
2014 was immediately approached by his club to become secretary of the club and produce and present the Pigeon
Radio Program in 2014 on 3NRG 99.3FM Sunbury. In 2016 Pigeon Radio Australia has found its home at WYN FM Werribee., choosing to relocate to that station as it was a better signal and was up to date, better equipped with state of the art broadcasting equipment and radio professionalism.Ivan has many years of experience in pigeon racing starting out as a young boy in the VHA in Melbourne. After his marriage, he joined the Ballarat East Homing club in Ballarat and then went on to fly with the WPF when he relocated to Melton due to work commitments at the time.Ivan now flies with the WPF.


 VRPU CorrespondentRod Simmons

rodsimmonsVictorian Racing
Pigeon Union
Rod Simmons
Rod Simmons a successful flyer with the Victorian Racing Pigeon Union brings over 20 years of racing experience to the program.Known too many as Winners1 through his on line sales of pigeon products, as well as one of the highest quality racing pigeon studs in Australia, with his family they race under R & M Simmons and Sons.Although Rod has won many races, he has high respect of his fellow V.R.P.U flyers; he believes many would be very successful in any federation in Australia.
Through pigeon racing, Rod and his family often travel abroad to interview flyers to film them and their lofts. Besides making many friends, this has widened his knowledge of the sport and believes you can always improve and learn something new.One thing that is conclusive in all top lofts overseas, Australia and in his own loft; all have excellent stock birds to start with.



VHA Correspondent – Jesse Egan

Victorian Homing Association

jesse_eganJesse has been racing for 21 years and
started off in the Rosebud club before joining GMPF in 2005, then joined the VHA in 2011 to now.
Won 31 first Feds (record in Aust)
Inc 3 x 1st National wins 3 x 600ml Fed wins
8 Fed Aggregate wins

Jesse first became involved with racing pigeons after having Birmingham rollers for a number of years and joined the Rosebud pigeon club in 1993.
Jesse was a member of the GMPF and vice secretary from 2007-2010 and he has been the United club delegate in the VHA from 2011 to present.

The name of Jesse’s lofts is ‘Raintree Lofts’



Pigeon Radio Australia Vet
Dr. Rob Marshall, BV Sc, MAVC Sc (Avian Health)

The Avian Veterinarian

Dr. Rob Marshall is a bird veterinarian with more than 30 years experience in treating birds. He has kept birds since the age of eight. The age he decided to become a bird veterinarian.

Since 1975, Dr. Marshall has been attending to birds as a veterinarian. In 1988, he received his M.A.C.V.Sc. degree in Avian Medicine. He is the author of many books and videos and is regularly presents scientific papers at national and international veterinary conferences. His last presentation can be viewed in the budgerigar section. His last books are: “Eclectus Parrots as Pet and Aviary Birds” (ISBN 0-9750817-0-5), which was published in 2004 by Australian Birdkeeper Publications and Canary Health published in 2006 in the USA. His latest book “The Budgerigar” is 430 pages long with more than 1500 color photographs and has taken more than 13 years to write.

In 1988, Dr. Marshall started developing and refining a range of health products and medicines specifically for the racing pigeon. By 1995, a superlative range of bird medicines and health products had been perfected. It is well known that these are the very best and most advanced products available for birds, catering for the bird owner who follows the motto of “when only the best will do”.
Dr. Rob Marshall has a passionate interest in wild ecology and biology and was included as a veterinary consultant for the Northern Territory recovery program of the endangered Gouldian Finch. He has recently completed a ten-year long study of the biology and breeding behavior of the wild budgerigar which is detailed in “The Budgerigar” book. Research into the nutritional requirements and breeding behavior of the Australian Eclectus has also been completed recently. Present research projects include the breeding of old pure families of chicken breeds for the restaurant trade who will be evaluating their inherent flavors and in collaboration with bird trainer Tailai O’Brien explore new methods for treating behavioral problems in pet birds.

There are many different health programmes.





International Correspondent

Peter Matic

Peter Matic is a 53 yr old pigeon fancier that was born in Australia of German and Croatian parentage.
At the age of four, his family decided to move back to Germany where they purchased a house not far
from the Dutch/Belgium border, and this is where his love affair with pigeons began.
Peter said that as a child he could still remember his first contact with pigeons, as a neighbor kept
and raced pigeons and that as a fascinated child would spend most of his free time in the loft with his

Peter said that his neighbor became his mentor and even after all the years that have past can still
remember all the secrets and methods that which were told and showed to him. Peter saying that his
neighbour would always say “nothing comes from nothing, don’t waste your short life with pigeons
that are too slow or weak, they belong in Pigeon Heaven”.

In those days the pigeon sport was still very big with nearly everyone in our village keeping pigeons,
we’re taking 1967, like it was the only sport that existed. Peter saying he always wanted to know how
pigeons found there way home and why some were fast and others slow.

Living only 15 klm from the Dutch and Belgium border made it easy to visit many other pigeon
fanciers and do the household shopping while there. On one of his visits he befriended a Dutch
fancier who was racing on the
“widowhood” system and was seemly
unbeatable. This new friend helped Peter
and his father build a widowhood loft and
taught Peter how to bring his birds into top

In their first two years of racing Peter said
that they made a lot of mistakes, but in their
third year they won nearly everything there
was to win. At that time I was only twelve
years of age and was the helper of a
Champion Flyer. Peter saying that his
neighbour was his hero and that they had
big plans for the future, but it was not God’s





ANPA – Fancy and Show Pigeons – Michelle Paine

michellepaineI have only been in to pigeons for as long as I have known my fiancé Mark Paine which is going on 4yrs in March 2016. It took him a few weeks to tell me he had pigeons and when he did I just feel in love with the feathery birds and then realised you could get different breeds.
So I started off owning a pair of Fantails then went on to own Lahore Pigeons and just fell in love with everything to do with them and have owned red, yellow, black and silver coloured Lahore’s and I have also owned Ice Pigeons, Swallows and British Show Racers for a little while but decided to concentrate on just silver coloured Lahore’s after moving house and now I am just concentrating on getting there markings and size and feathers on their feet to ANPA Standards for showing.
I have only won one award and that was at Dandenong Pigeon Fancy Pigeons 40thAnniverary Show in 2015, I took home Best Young Lahore with one of my silver Lahore’s.
I have been with Dandenong Fancy Pigeon Society Inc as a member for roughly 2 years and in that time i have help out with many shows and other things around the club and have also held the position of assistant Treasurer/Secretary and have been voted Clubman of the Year for 2014 and have just been voted in as New President for the club for the Year of 2015.
I also support Mark with his racing and hope to spend many more years owning and breeding Pigeons in my lifetime and have kids and get them involved in it to.
And because both of our name’s start with M we have named our lofts M&M Lofts.


GMPF Correspondent – Tony McPherson
tonymacphersonGreater Melbourne Pigeon Federation Hi My name is Tony McPherson AKA the Roadrunner, I started racing pigeons in 1963 in a country town called Kyneton . In between I also competed on the Professional running circuit, won quite a few 400 meter races and a
couple of Gifts over 120 meters, I made over 100 finals in my career., then back into racing pigeons in the VHA in 1983 racing in 1985 with Southern Cross Edithvale where
I later became Secretary, then moved up to the Dandenongs and raced pigeons in Sassafras and was the Secretary of Mountain Districts Homing Club, later moved to Wantirna
where I raced with the Knox Homing Club before making the change to the Greater Melbourne Pigeon Federation where I have been secretary of the Croydon Homing Club and
also the Treasurer of the GMPF. I was one of the committee that ran the very successful GMPF Breeders Plate up until last year, and now I am involved in the Croydon Classic
Gold Ring Race. I have and am still involved in fundraising for charity events , be it Breast Cancer or the Royal Childrens Hospital appeal or
” The Gift ” in Kyabram, I love working and helping others. Pigeons and the people involved give me great enjoyment.

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