Skill and Error by Adam Georgelin – Beginners to Winners – July 2016 – Volume 1, Issue 1

Skill and Error by Adam Georgelin

DESPITE the skill involved in navigating hundreds of kilometers in only a few hours, little exposure is given to the sport of pigeon racing.
The members of Australia’s many racing pigeon clubs hope to change this as they expose this exciting and at times very rewarding sport to their local communities.
Pigeon racing put simply involves releasing pigeons from a distance away from their home loft and recording the time it took for each bird to return home. The distance for a race could be as short as 100km, right up to a staggering 1,000km.
With the spread of people involved in pigeon racing each pigeon has a different finishing point. A winner is determined depending on the average traveling speed of the bird. Some races even conclude on the days following a release. ag1
There are countless theories on how these fearless flyers find their way back home. Some say it is sense of smell, some say it is a result of gravitational pull but no one is 100 per cent sure how it occurs, this is part of the overall joy pigeon fanciers get on race day.
Pigeon racing is a sport that anyone can become involved in, with support and guidance from senior members in your club children can also enjoy the rewards of breeding, raising young birds, racing
and hopefully winning pigeon races. Once a loft is established the sport itself is not expensive to maintain success. Best of all while experimenting, acquiring knowledge and creating your own formula for success you will have a great time. As you may or may not be aware of the 2016 racing season has just commenced with federations right across Australia releasing birds from the designated race points.
Over the coming racing season we will produce a monthly edition with racing, breeding and feeding tips, race results, fancier profiles, club information, product and loft sales and much more.



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