Pigeon Radio Monday,12th December,2016


Ivan Fonti
In studio guest,VRPU correspondent, Rod Simmons – www.winners1.com.au
GMPF – Tony McPherson reporting on the online
auction for the Piotr Styczen Appeal
Henk Juriens manager of Eijerkamp lofts in the Netherlands.(Holland) -https://www.eijerkampracingpigeons.com
Simone Pannett – Sponsor – Feed plus stock feeds,what’s new.
Broady Roberts – Think Livestock – Sponsor – telling us about what is available
through think livestock in the way of PMV1 vaccination equipment and supply. 
Mario Magrin and Darcy Hoyer promoting Pigeon Racing in the Bega country area of Australia.
Michael Spadoni president Melbourne Pigeon Society on Fancy pigeons and fancy
pigeons in the coming up,Pigeon Radio Australia’s, “Melbourne Pigeon EXPO!”
April 14th, 2017, Good Friday! Supporting the Royal Children’s Hospital
Good Friday appeal!

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