Pigeon Radio Monday,11th September,2017

Ivan Fonti
In studio guest, Tony Barbara
VRPU – Rod Simmons
International correspondent Peter Matic
Champion Belgian Racing Pigeon Fancier
and recent multiple national race winner in Belgium Jelle Roziers
GMPF – Tony McPherson
WPF – Western Pigeon Federation $30,000 Breeders plate
winner Frank Briffa
Setting up a new club in the Batemans Bay
Area of Australia Mario Magrin
Winner of the 800 miles, 1330 Kilometer race
from Alice Springs, who clocked 3 birds together
from 1330 Kilometers or 800 miles over the Australian desert.
Committee member of the Adelaide Long distance
flying club Bronte Andrewartha from team ANDREWARTHA & MARCH

Alice Springs race to Adelaide 800 miles 1330 Kilometers. Map of track and results above.

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