Pigeon Radio Australia wishes to thank VIMEO online internet video for respecting the recent breach of copyright

This is now what is seen when trying to access the said video

Pigeon Radio Australia, would like to thank the VIMEO ( www.vimeo.com) online internet video posting service, for respecting the recent breach of copyright.

A video was being circulated with personal trolling attacks with edits of the last Pigeon Radio Australia program.

Pigeon Radio Australia, tried to converse with the offenders, but to no avail and then proceeded to use its copyright rights as the legal copyright owner of the material. Wehn the offenders were sent messages to remove the said contents, we were rudely sworn at and told to go away in indecent 4 letter language. We were also told by the offenders that our copyright ownership will not stand up and they refuse to remove the said video, which was in breach of copyright. 

Pigeon Radio Australia then consulted with its legal team, who suggested that the first step we take was to contact the online video website VIMEO with a breach of the copyright complaint. (refer to the photos on this post)

Pigeon Radio Australia, is extremely impressed and appreciative of VIMEO for taking down the breach of copyright video and respecting Pigeon Radio Australia’s copyright ownership of the material.

Nice to see internet video and audio online posting websites doing the right thing and respecting copyright ownerships. 

Thank you VIMEO

Ivan Fonti
Pigeon Radio Australia
WYN FM – 88.9FM
Melbourne Australia
Executive Producer

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