Pigeon Radio Australia, former radio station, 3NRG, Sunbury Radio in trouble with the community of Sunbury!

Pigeon Radio Australia, former radio station 3NRG, in trouble with the community of Sunbury,for it’s cow boy committee and new so called manager,  Mark Botten, changes!

Sunbury Leader Monday 14th January, 2016.

Our former radio station has made into the local papers because of the absurd changes taking place. Article looks a bit on the bias side. Why would someone listen to a community radio station formatted like a Triple M or FOX FM, when they can already tune into those stations and get that type of radio broadcasting format? What do you think ?

sunburyAn email sent to all members of 3NRG, by Pigeon Radio Australia,quoted in this article.

Importance: High

Hello All members of 3NRG Inc. ,

My name is Ivan Fonti and I am the presenter of Pigeon Radio Australia. This email was a God send. Unfortunately I have to state that this new so called manager is a bit of a cow boy, that has no idea about community radio. I had 5 Sponsors for my show and had another 6 lined up to sign up. If the station was so broke, why was our program axed and we were instructed we were off air immediately ? If the station was so broke, you would think that the more sponsors brought in the better. But this was not the case. Your new so called manager threw a dozen sponsors for the station in the bin.

All aspects of the community broadcasting codes of practices were broken in our treatment. We are a community group (Pigeon Racers) Who have clubs situated in Sunbury and the surrounding areas. Our members would tune in each week to listen to the program which we always ran with the extreme amount of professionalism and production put in. We had a large audience every week. At one stage the president came in to shake our hands and congratulate us on our program.

Yes, we did complain about the equipment not being functional and breaking down. We never did anything against the station we just wanted to get as many sponsors as we could to help the station out. I did not want to involve myself in the politics of the station. I basically wanted to do my program and help the station as much as possible. I am the Secretary of the Racing pigeon club and I did not have spare time to commit and join another committee.

This year we raised just under $11,000 for the Royal children’s hospital Good Friday appeal, with a racing pigeon online auction. We offered to do an auction for the station, as we had listeners and supporters donate a heap of birds to put up on auction and all proceeds to be donated to the station.
This was also rejected. If someone is going broke and need funds , you would think any manager or committee would be happy to take this on board.

I have been involved with community radio for 30 years and I have seen this sort of approach by managers and committees of various community stations AND IT ALWAYS FAILS BIG TIME. Community radio was set up for people and community groups to present programs that are diverse, involve community groups ,clubs or individuals. This is being demolished by these new changes. They will fail and the station will end up worse off. I saw it in Ballarat with a station 3BBB. They tried exactly the same things and went bankrupt, had to close down and apply for a new licence with a new station and id.

We did not pull our program off in protest we were rudely and in a bullying fashion, kicked out. Watch out it does not happen to you. Because if you don’t agree with this so called new manager, you too will be kicked out.

I have since found another community station to broadcast our program from and now they will benefit from our pigeon auction and now I have 16 sponsors signed up for them. We got a lot of offers for sponsors as the racing pigeon fraternity was furious when our program was put off air. I will be taking the treatment we received at 3NRG all the way as far as I can go to ACMA and community broadcasting bodies so that this treatment we received does not happen to someone else. While this so called manager is making these changes and destroying the station.

I did not want to do this as I don’t like reporting things like this to ACMA, but even now we are receiving bullying treatment by email from this so called manager and I have no other choice.

I wish 3NRG good luck, because you will need it and remember my word . This will fail, these changes as the diversity and the community aspect of 3NRG will be taken away and destroyed the station will go eventually under.

No wonder the government wants to cut funding to community broadcasting, when we have cowboys like this being big shots and bullies and claiming to be the messiahs to save the station.

The station is going broke and the figures are bad. I wonder HOW MUCH THIS SO CALLED MANAGER IS BEING PAID ? Because I don’t think that a person with his previous work history would sit somewhere 7 days a week for nothing. This is my belief as the so called manager has no sense what soever for the community and is not community minded. In one of his recent bullying emails to me, he refers to 3NRG as a business. WTF ?
Kindest Regards
Ivan Fonti


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