Pigeon Racing Victoria VICTORIA CUP RACE 2018 $100,000.00 First Prize

With the Vic Cup being postponed in 2017 due to the Rota Virus outbreak, the 2018 race is shaping up to be
even BIGGER and BETTER. Besides the $100,000.00 1st Prize, If rings sales continue to sell at the current rate then
there could be around $200,000.00 in total prize monies.
Interstate flyer wishing to breed pigeons and enter the race, Winners1 stud in Melbourne will still accept a few pigeons. It would
be nice to enjoy the day of the race with friends, a BBQ, and a few drinks.
Full details with entry form are available below. Just click on the DOWNLOAD Vic Cup application link. Rod Simmons, for Pigeon Racing Victoria and Winners1, Melbourne Australia.







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