Pigeon Radio Australia Streaming Trouble Shooting Guide

Media Players You Can Use:

Windows Media Player

Audion | iTunes


iPhone/Smart Phones
TuneIn Radio

1a.Having Trouble quick guide
1b.The Player
2. The Player for MAC
3. Firewalls
4. PROTOCOLS and PROXY The browser link doesn’t work
5. The browser link doesn’t work
6. Your I.S.P.
7. Real Audio Player
8. iPhone – Smart Phones
9. Windows Media Player

1a. Having trouble? quick guide and easiest solution.
If you’re still having trouble, the sure-fire way of playing the streams is by using VLC media player. You’ll need to install it. You can find the download and instructions for VLC setup here
Then, follow these instructions:
Copy one of the two following links:
For high quality audio :http://eno.emit.com:8000/3wyn_live_128.aacp
For conserving bandwidth http://eno.emit.com:8000/3wyn_live_64.aacp
Open VLC media player.
Hit CTRL+N (navigate to Media -> Open Network Stream)
Paste the link you selected into the Network URL text box, then press play.
Enjoy our entertaining programs!
1b. The Player

Unless you have Winamp, Windows Media Player, or
Real Audio Player on your computer you will not be
able to hear our Internet programming.
The players can be downloaded from their respected sites.
It’s free and is located at
If you have WinampWindows Media Player, or
Real Audio Player installed and cannot hear audio
or get an error message it may be that the
file associations for streaming media are to another
media program. You may need to check programs such as
Winamp, Quicktime, RealPlayer to make sure they are set
to handle .pls (Nullsoft Winamp) files.

If you find the audio streaming message says
Playing and then Stopped or you get an error message
similar to the above, Winamp or your player may be set to
refuse downloads of unsigned codecs by default.
You may need to change your internet security settings
to prompt for download of unsigned codecs/activex controls
2. The Player for Macintosh/Linux

audio streaming uses
codec which is the best codec for voice and music.
Winamp Player for Mac does not support this codec.

As a result, OS X generates this error message:

Aparantly you can receive audio streaming
using Audion for Mac.
It’s available here: http://audionx.en.softonic.com/mac

Linux/X Windows users should use XMMS.
available here: http://www.xmms.org/
3. Firewalls

If you are connected behind a firewall you will
experience difficulty in hearing us.
Your network engineer may have reconfigure the
firewall to allow Media Streams through.

There are no known issues with the player
streaming if you are running Wingate,
Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall.
Both of these programs allow the pls access to the
Internet and your PC. However NIS & NPF
will require its configuration wizards to be run to
allow the player access to the Internet.

Now if you have the most current version of Winamp
and are not behind a firewall and things still aren’t
happening try checking your settings.
If you keep getting signal but constant dropouts
we you will need to examine your
buffers and connection settings.

Start the player (if it isn’t already) click on TOOLS
(*top of the player between PLAY and HELP),

Make sure the “enable automatic codec download” is checked.
This is located on the PLAYER tab, which, by default is
the first tab you should see.

Next click on the NETWORK tab.

Examine closely the PROTOCOLS and PROXY settings.
To enable the WYNFM and Pigeon Radio Australia service you must have the
“MULTICAST, TCP and HTTP” options all ticked.
If your browser is working on the Internet make sure
the HTTP proxy says “BROWSER”.
To change Proxy settings double click on the
protocol name or hit the configure button.

No proxy should be selected for the MMS protocol.

It is important that the Proxies are configured correctly.

HTTP = Browser. MMS = NONE

Next click on the PERFORMANCE tab.
In here we are concentrating on Network Speed and Buffering.

The Network Speed should at least match your modem speed,
i.e. If your modem is 56K set the
maximum you should set this to is 56K
(You’d be surprised how many people have this
one set to something far in advance of what the
connection rate actually is!)
If you experience constant dropouts (rebuffering) set the
drop down to the setting one below what
your average connection speed is, I recommend 28K.
Aim for about of half of what your actual connection speed is.

Next we need to look at the Network Buffering settings,
just below where you changed the Connection Speed settings.
On your first attempt select the default option.
If the player still doesn’t connect select the
second tab (buffer) and type at least 10 in the dialog box.
This will force the player to capture at least 10 seconds
of data before it plays. It slows things down a
little but generally forces a signal.

Finally click on the FORMATS tab and make
sure ALL of the Windows File types are selected.

After doing ALL of the above hit the apply
button and close the options window.
Click on the website link to try again.

5. The browser link doesn’t work

You can access our Internet service directly
by pasting the following link into your Player.
Start the player. Click file, open URL then paste the
link directly into the player.
(After making sure your Proxy and
Protocol settings are configured as above).
6. Your I.S.P.

If you are still having difficulty you may also
want to contact your ISP and ask them about
streaming media. Some ISP’s
(particularly in regional or developing areas will
limit certain protocols as they use up
large amounts of bandwidth.
If you are connecting through an ISP and get
NO streaming Internet audio this may be the case.

Other ISP’s may limit the flow of streaming media so your
connections are patchy at best.

There are no issues with the Bigpond or Optus Cable services.
7. Real Audio Player

Internet audio streaming will work with the Real Audio Player.
Available Here: http://www.real.com
8. iPhone – Smart Phones

You can listen using the free app called TuneIn Radio.
Just download the app find WYNFM and Pigeon Radio Australia in the search. It will then tune you into WYNFM and Pigeon Radio Australia Live streaming

9. Windows Media Player
To Use Windows Media Player with Internet audio streaming
you must have windows installed on your system with windows media player
components. To listen simply click on the link below and the player
will automatically open in your browser and start playing. If this
does not eventuate please go back check the previous points.
Windows Media Player Link

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