Pigeon Radio Australia 2 Internet Streaming Options Instructions

Pigeon Radio Australia is proud to announce, that we have in place now
2 Internet streaming options.  Due to overloading of the WYNFM Live stream,while our program is broadcast to air.

wynfmis1. WYNFM Internet streaming

2.Pigeon Media Pigeon Radio Australia Internet streaming pris

If one option is cutting out, please use
the second option. Just click on the link buttons, a page will open up
with a player installed just click play,if it does not automatically start up!

troubleIf you are still experiencing problems, please check the Pigeon Media Pigeon Radio Australia
Internet streaming , trouble shooting guide.

Sometimes the internet or streaming servers go down and the stream will not work. If this is the case, it is out of our control. You will then have to listen to the podcast uploaded within 24 HRS.

Ivan Fonti
Pigeon Media Pigeon Radio Australia Radio Australia

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