ANRPB – Australian National Racing Pigeon Board – Press Release – 5pm – 6 February 2017

Press Release – 5pm – 6 February 2017

To: The Management Committees of All Australian Racing Pigeon Federations, Combine

Entities, Country Clubs, One-Loft Races and Fancy Pigeon Associations.

Re: Update 4: Highly infectious Rota-virus outbreak in Australia; impact on Racing for 2017

Further to previous ANRPB Press Releases of January 2017 the following update applies;

1. A Rota virus vaccine suitable for pigeons does not currently exist in Australia.

2. Through the exhaustive efforts of Dr Colin Walker and the expert professional team

that Dr Walker has been working with across various agencies, an Australian

produced vaccine could be available by the end of this year but no later than March


3. The vaccine once available will potentially protect birds against the highly infectious

Rota virus, thus preventing the loss of perhaps between 15% and 40% of the total

pigeon population in Australia.

The ANRPB had been awaiting expert advice on whether or not a Rota virus vaccine could be

made available prior to the commencement of Racing in 2017 before forming a view on

whether or not racing should proceed.

In forming a position on Racing for 2017 the ANRPB took into consideration; the following:

· When the outbreak hit WA in May and June 2016, and WA Federations were forced

to suspend their race program, the rest of Australia continued with their race


· When the virus appeared to clear in WA and they resumed their race program with

reportedly good results, some 10 weeks later birds from Busselton were transported

on the WA race unit resulting in birds from Busselton becoming infected with the


· Genetic testing has confirmed that the viral outbreak in Victoria is the same as WA.

· The outbreak in Victoria and Country SA appears linked to the Kyabram sale, this

being some 6 months after the viral outbreak in WA. Hence infected birds, even

though they may appear healthy, can still be highly infectious “carriers” for periods

of perhaps 6 months. If this was not the case then the outbreak would not have

occurred in Victoria, country SA and more recently in New South Wales.

· Consequently, should fanciers whose lofts have been infected by Rota virus post

December 2016, in the months prior to racing, it is very likely that their surviving

apparently healthy birds are “carriers” of this highly infectious disease and would

spread the virus to currently healthy lofts resulting in perhaps 15 – 40% loss of that

owner’s birds, and as the virus continues to spread perhaps 15 – 40% of the total

pigeon population in Australia.

· The ANRPB is of the view that Animal Welfare Organisations would be extremely

concerned should those in decision making positions of the various Clubs, Combines,

Associations and Federations not demonstrate due diligence and duty of care in

ensuring that their decision making was based upon the “best interests” of our birds’

health and welfare.

· The Rota virus is not currently a “Notifiable” disease, although the Senior

Veterinarians’ of state Agriculture Departments’ have been notified and are taking a

keen interest. Currently it is not known what impact the Rota virus may have on

other bird populations; e.g. chicken industry, quail industry, doves, canaries etc.

Should it be demonstrated that the Rota virus cross contaminates then it may well

become a “Notifiable” disease.

· It is acknowledged that the Australian National Pigeon Association has cancelled all

of their pigeon shows for 2017 as a direct consequence of the Rota virus.

Taking the above-mentioned issues into consideration the ANRPB strongly recommends

that any fancier whose birds contracted the Rota virus, within the past 6 months, does not

race their birds in 2017, and maintains strict Bio-Security measures to prevent the spread

of the virus by apparently healthy “carriers”.

The ANRPB also strongly recommends that decision makers in the various pigeon clubs and

organisations review their plans for scheduling of the 2017 Racing Season, taking into

consideration information contained in this Press Release, and the expert information

provided via the web site:

Should Racing proceed in 2017?

The ANRPB acknowledges that there are differing factors in each state or territory.

For the Australian Capital Territory there have been no confirmed reports of the Rota virus.

Decision makers need to review the proposed race program with a view to carefully

selecting race-points, whilst maintain stringent bio-security measures, to minimise the risk

of Rota virus infection. Weekly review of the new schedule is recommended.

For Tasmania there have been no confirmed reports of the Rota virus. However, given the

spread of the virus in Victoria the decision makers in Tasmania need to consider cancelling

cross Tasman racing for 2017.

For Queensland there have been no confirmed reports of Rota virus. Queensland decision

makers may consider proceeding with their race programs, but with weekly review and

suspension should an outbreak occur. Race-points should be within state boundaries.

For Western Australia the initial miss-diagnosis, and manner in which the virus was

subsequently managed has meant that the Rota virus has significant coverage. WA’s

geographical isolation from other states also provides a natural barrier. (The ANRPB trusts

that the WA fancier who advertised and sold birds interstate refrains from doing so again

until such time as a vaccine becomes available). Decision makers should be mindful that

much remains unknown about the Rota virus; e.g. just how long the immunity lasts post loft

infection. The possibility of a further outbreak in 2017 cannot be ruled out.

For South Australia the outbreak occurred at Pt Augusta some 300kms North of Adelaide.

The virus has now spread to 6 lofts in Pt Augusta. The outbreak originated from a fancier

attending the Kyabram sale in Victoria. Subject to appropriate bio-security measures being

undertaken by the Pt Augusta fanciers, and similarly for the Wellington One Loft where birds

recently arrived from Sydney, it is recommended that decision makers review and modify

the proposed race program for 2017, to ensure that race-points are within state boundaries

and significantly clear of Pt Augusta and Wellington.

For Victoria, and the Greater Melbourne Federations, the ANRPB strongly recommends that

decision makers suspend all racing for 2017 and maintain strict bio-security measures.

For Country Victoria it is recommended that strict bio-security measures are maintained to

either protect your own birds, or prevent the spread of the virus.

Should racing proceed it would undoubtedly lead to a significant spread of the virus to

current healthy populations of pigeons.

For New South Wales, and the Greater Sydney Federations, the ANRPB strongly

recommends that decision makers review their recent decision to proceed as planned with

racing for 2017.

Should racing proceed it will undoubtedly lead to the spread of the virus and perhaps the

death of 15-40% of the pigeon population of NSW. Particularly affected will be fanciers in

clubs outside the Sydney area that currently do not have the virus.

For country NSW it is recommended that strict bio-security measures are maintained to

either protect your own birds, or prevent the spread of the virus.


The ANRPB acknowledges the far reaching ramifications of the above recommendations and

understands that they may not be well received by many fanciers. However, the ANRPB is a

“pigeon welfare” based organisation and makes recommendations at this time in the best

interests of both the health and welfare of our birds, but also in the best long term interests

of our sport.

The ANRPB does not have a mandate to dictate to the decision makers of the various pigeon

sporting bodies and the final decision making rests with the clubs, associations, combines

and federations.

The ANRPB would however, remind office bearers that they do have a “duty of care” to

demonstrate “due diligence” in the administration of their respective sporting bodies.

The ANRPB is in no doubt that Animal Welfare Organisations would be most concerned

should decision makers not demonstrate such “due diligence” and as a consequence the

highly infectious Rota virus continues to spread killing perhaps between 15 and 40% of our

pigeons, and amounting to the deaths of many thousands of pigeons.

The ANRPB therefore appeals to decision makers to place the “best interests of our birds’

health and welfare” and the best long term interests of our sport at the forefront in their

decision making process with the knowledge that a vaccine for Rota virus will most likely be

available well before the commencement of the 2018 Racing Season.

Yours sincerely

For and on behalf of the Australian National Racing Pigeon Board Incorporated.

Stephen Eggleton

Chair – ANRPB Inc.


Photographic information on the symptoms of the current Pigeon ROTAVIRUS outbreak in Australia.

Some photographic and video information on the current ROTAVIRUS in Australia. Here are some photographs and a video showing the symptoms of this terrible disease that Australian pigeon fanciers are facing at the moment. Pigeon Media Australia is posting photographs, thanks to a fancier that is suffering from this terrible disease.

Pigeon Media Australia will not post photographs of dead animals as it is distasteful, alarming and may upset some viewers, yet we will post pictures of the said symptoms and pictures of sick animals in the interests of helping other fanciers who have not experienced the virus, a better view of what the virus situation does and what to look for to help inform the fancy.
The loft is a confirmed case of the current ROTAVIRUS These photographs show the condition of the droppings while the virus is going through the loft. If your birds have droppings like this, get them checked and tested by a vet immediately, you may have this virus in your loft.
Pigeon media Australia wishes to thank the fancier who supplied these photos to us. The identity of the fancier will remain anonymous.

Pigeon Radio Monday,30th January,2017


Champion WPF Melbourne Australian flyer  Michael Portelli

ANPA, Fancy and Show Pigeon National Body Secretary and show judge, Christopher Schütz

Ivan Fonti
In studio guests Tony and Angelo Barbara
Discussion about viral events of the week
Review and montage of professionals announcements on
Pigeon Radio Australia about the ROTAVIRUS
Mark White BVSc Ph.D., Sydney Australia vaccine expert from Tréidlia Biovet
Assembled panel for the discussion with Dr.White
Ivan Fonti
Tony and Angelo Barbara
Champion WPF Melbourne Australian flyer – Michael Portelli
ANPA, Fancy and Show Pigeon National Body Secretary, Christopher Schütz
GMPF – Tony McPherson

Review and montage of professionals announcements on Pigeon Radio Australia about the ROTAVIRUS


The 88.9 WYNFM Website is currently down and the problem is being looked into and will be rectified within the next couple of days. The reason the site is down is that uncannily the site was hacked into 30 minutes before the program last night. We will not be able to access the recordings for last night’s program until the website is back up and running.

Meanwhile, we had this montage of what has happened so far and what has been announced by the professionals that have so far been on the program to tell us about this terrible “ROTAVIRUS” that is affecting us all.

Please have a listen to the montage and the podcast will be up as soon as the 88.9 WYN FM website is back up and running. I apologize for this, but it is beyond my control and I just have to wait until it is rectified.

Kindest Regards
Ivan Fonti
Pigeon Radio Australia
WYN FM – 88.9FM
Melbourne Australia
Executive Producer


UNFAIR W.A. blame! Hidden truthful facts will be exposed!

In this current viral situation, I have found some pigeon fanciers to be cruel people with no feelings. It’s as if they have come from another planet or something. The whole behavioral exhibition from certain fanciers on the internet has just been unacceptable, to say the least, while we have been going through this terrible viral saga. The treatments and advice given to W.A. were at the time in the best interests of the pigeons and the pigeon fancy, no one really knew what we were dealing with and the, best decisions were made in the interests of the welfare of the birds , which at the end of the day was proven to work and finally when the real diagnosis was made it was found that the treatments were the correct treatments to be prescribed for “ROTA-VIRUS” In my opinion, no one is to blame. W.A. did not ask for the virus or even want it. W.A. fanciers were devastated and were going through some terrible stuff and very tough and stressful times. Now some people want to cover their arses. mistakes were made on all sides of the fence. We are human, humans make mistakes. These so called updates that we are being fed are not quite 100% true. There are a lot more facts to this saga and because some people choose to only give us 50% of the whole truth. I will expose the other 50%. I will not permit these ridiculous allegations towards pigeon fanciers, as pigeon fanciers anywhere in this country, from no matter what state or town or city, did not choose they wanted a virus to come and infect their birds. I have had death threats and innuendo thrown at me in an unbelievable manner. I nearly cracked under the pressure, but I am still holding on and I WILL hold on and expose all the truth. I am going to keep the bastards honest if its the last thing I ever do. These statements we are being fed are like a bone is being thrown to a few hundred mad dogs and is accomplishing what I feel is setting out to do. This whole situation is unacceptable.Stand by and stay tuned as the truth will prevail as it always does in the end.

Ivan Fonti

Executive producer

Pigeon Radio Australia

Australian National Racing Pigeon Board – ANRPB – Press Release – 5pm – 25 January 2017

Press Release – 5pm – 25 January 2017

To: The Management Committees of All Australian Racing Pigeon Federations, Combine
Entities, One-Loft Races and Fancy Pigeon Associations.
Re: Update 3: Highly infectious, emerging pigeon disease: Rota-virus outbreak in Australia.
Further to the ANRPB press release of 6 January 2017, the following update applies:
1. Diagnostic testing has just concluded with the virus being determined as a Rotavirus.
This rota-virus in pigeons is new and there is no immunity vaccine available at
this time. A rota-virus vaccine exists for cattle and in the short-term this will be
explored to determine suitability for pigeons – for more information on this please
refer on-line to:
2. Funding for trials and testing. As alerted in ANRPB press release 4 January 2017 we
are setting up a ANRPB Inc. Disease Management Fund. Given the urgent need to
build a financial “war chest” to co-fund possible vaccine trials and testing, the
ANRPB is asking all Australian Racing Pigeon Federations, Racing Combines and
Fancy Pigeon bodies to donate an amount of $20 to $25 per member as a first
tranche of fund raising. A number of Racing Pigeon bodies have already come
forward and pledged funds in-line with this request; to these bodies we appreciate
their speedy response on this crucial fund raising initiative for our sport and hobby.
a. Please make funds payable to: ANRPB Inc.
b. For EFT: Bank Account details: BSB: 032 173, Account No: 600027, please
clearly note name of donor
c. Cheques can be posted to:
ANRPB Inc. Hon Treasurer,
Mr. Grant Paterson,
1/25 Halloran Drive,
Jerrabomberra, NSW, 2619
d. Email receipts will be sent, marked ANRPB Inc. Disease Management Fund
e. We are hoping to have first tranche of funds in by 28 February 2017; a
reminder will be sent out around 13 February 2017
f. Individuals and those fanciers not aligned with a Federation at this time, are
also welcome to contribute – payment by EFT as above or Cheque.
g. All contributors will be publicly thanked and acknowledged on the ANRPB
Inc. website:
3. The following Biosecurity measures remain in place for all pigeon flyers / fanciers
and must be adhered to until further notice:
a. Do not introduce new pigeons into your yard; which includes movement
from Inter-state
b. Do not allow your pigeons to mix with other pigeons
c. Avoid visiting other pigeon lofts
4. The ANRPB will be seeking the strongest disciplinary measures possible by
Federation entities to ensure pigeon membership do not actively put their flocks or
other member’s flocks at risk. Please abide by the above Bio-security measures.
5. 2017 Racing – over the coming weeks the ANBRPB will be consulting with
Federations and leading Avian Vet’s. In the mean-time please abide by strict biosecurity
measures and keep your birds healthy.
6. Diagnosis – any flyers or fanciers who see any first signs of this rota-virus (birds
vomiting, green bile droppings), contact your Avian vet for immediate diagnosis.
Simultaneously it is also suggested to treat all birds with Sulprim (“AVS Sulphur”) or
another brand of trimethoprim/ sulphadiazine. It is suggested this may minimise
mortality rate to ~10%.
Yours sincerely
For and on behalf of the Australian National Racing Pigeon Board Incorporated.
Stephen Eggleton
Chair – ANRPB Inc.

Pigeon Radio Monday,23rd January,2017


Ivan Fonti
In studio guests, Tony and Angelo Barbara
The Australian Viral Saga continues. The mystery virus
has now been positively diagnosed by Dr.Rob Marshall and Dr. Mark White
Avian vets in Sydney Australia. This diagnosis was made after 12 lofts in Sydney became infected.
There is also an avian pathologist in the Netherlands, who is a worldwide expert on pigeon viruses, also showing an interest and working on this together with the Sydney Australian Vets.
Announcement from Dr. Rob Marshall, B. V. Sc, M.A.V. C. Sc (Avian Health)
positive virus diagnosis, ROTAVIRUS. with assembled panel…

PRF – W.A. George Azar – President P.R.F.W.A.
Tony McPherson – GMPF
Gary Rainer – Flyer in Kyabram
Charlie Grech – VRPU – Wallan club

Pigeon Radio Monday,16th January,2017


Ivan Fonti
In studio guests, Tony and Angelo Barbara
Australian National Racing Pigeon Board – Grant Patterson
Australian National Pigeon Association – Fancy Pigeons – Christopher Schütz
Panel discussion on the internet attacks concerning last week’s program and the PMV1 Vaccine dosage discussion
Panel members include…
Peter Matic
Tony McPherson
Kenny McCall
Christopher Schütz
Tony Barbara
Angelo Barbara
Ivan Fonti

Support for Pigeon Radio Australia, outweighs the negative troll, internet bullies


When we read stuff and receive messages like this. Thanks to all our supporters. Thanks Mario for this uplifting message. One of the many positive messages we receive daily, via email or phone…

Support for Pigeon Radio Australia, outweighs the negative troll, internet bullies…

From: Mario Magrin [mario.magrin@xxxxx] To: Ivan Fonti
Message: Dear lvan,lm getting back to the sport of Pigeon Racing, after 18 years. It’s a big passion of mine, and only gave it up to save my marriage? It didn’t, but now I’m remarried and starting again.
Mate, what your doing with the pigeon radio is probably the biggest media coverage there’s ever been! So don’t ever doubt or question yourself.
Ivan, when I was a boy of nine years old, racing pigeons with my father, I found out what jealousy and  stirring was all about. He said we will try even harder to win! So when we, did the more prizes we won, and the more they shut up!
So mate,keep going! I know its hard at times, but you are an ambassador to Racing Pigeon Sport! Block out the negative people. You have brought the pigeon community together, with good and bad comments via the public. You interact well with everyone and keep people informed.
I, as a pigeon flyer, can’t thank you enough for this supportive media broadcasting. You do have a lot of support mate. If you need to phone for a chat at anytime don’t hesitate
Mario Magrin.
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Pigeon Radio Australia wishes to thank VIMEO online internet video for respecting the recent breach of copyright

This is now what is seen when trying to access the said video

Pigeon Radio Australia, would like to thank the VIMEO ( online internet video posting service, for respecting the recent breach of copyright.

A video was being circulated with personal trolling attacks with edits of the last Pigeon Radio Australia program.

Pigeon Radio Australia, tried to converse with the offenders, but to no avail and then proceeded to use its copyright rights as the legal copyright owner of the material. Wehn the offenders were sent messages to remove the said contents, we were rudely sworn at and told to go away in indecent 4 letter language. We were also told by the offenders that our copyright ownership will not stand up and they refuse to remove the said video, which was in breach of copyright. 

Pigeon Radio Australia then consulted with its legal team, who suggested that the first step we take was to contact the online video website VIMEO with a breach of the copyright complaint. (refer to the photos on this post)

Pigeon Radio Australia, is extremely impressed and appreciative of VIMEO for taking down the breach of copyright video and respecting Pigeon Radio Australia’s copyright ownership of the material.

Nice to see internet video and audio online posting websites doing the right thing and respecting copyright ownerships. 

Thank you VIMEO

Ivan Fonti
Pigeon Radio Australia
WYN FM – 88.9FM
Melbourne Australia
Executive Producer

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