Dr. Rob Marshall’s New Book – “THE ORANGE PIGEON BOOK” – Giveaway’s

Pigeon Radio Australia’s, official vet and renowned Sydney Australian Avian vet, Dr. Rob Marshall, B. V. Sc, M.A.V. C. Sc (Avian Health), has released a NEW book on Pigeon Health.

It’s called the “THE ORANGE PIGEON BOOK” In the introduction of the new book, it explains that “THE ORANGE PIGEON BOOK” is a revision of the Pigeon Health Calendar (2012).  It responds to the need for strengthened immunity, which has been weakened after the introduction of PMV ( Paramyxovirus) several years ago.

It goes o to explain the effects of the current PMV vaccine we are using is affecting the birds and not pigeon friendly and has altered the development of natural immunity in young birds in some unknown way.

Dr.Rob Marshall further writes that as a result, it has become far more difficult to keep PMV vaccinated young birds healthy, especially when they come under pressure and higher stress levels.

This book will help you with the implementation of workable health strategies to strengthen your birds’ immunity.

Pigeon Radio Australia is thankful to Dr. Rob, for sending us 100 copies of his NEW book, “THE ORANGE PIGEON BOOK” to give away to FAITHFUL, and supportive listeners of our program.

We will be giving away the books randomly if someone calls in and joins in on a discussion or interview we are conducting on Pigeon Radio Australia.

We will also be randomly giving some copies away via our Pigeon Radio Australia facebook page and our Racing Pigeons Australia Facebook group. When we are online, to people who make great comments on facebook and who are valued supporters of Pigeon Radio Australia.


The book is presented in a glossy format with full-colour health charts and programs and full-color photos and illustrations. 

Pigeon Radio Australia has had a brief read of the book and was extremely impressed with the information provided in the book and the way it is professionally presented. It will be liked and talked about by Racing Pigeon fanciers worldwide.

This book is a must for every Racing Pigeon Fancier!

Pigeon Radio Monday,3rd April,2017

George and Linda Azar, holding their triple federation winners.

Ivan Fonti
In studio guests, Tony and Angelo Barbara
VRPU – Rod Simmons
GMPF – Tony McPherson
Nick Kaparos Racing Pigeon fancier from Sydney Australia,
researching the current “ROTAVIRUS” effects and how birds
are infected and where the disease is coming from.
President of the Pigeon Federation of Western Australia – PRF – W.A.  – www.prfwa.org.au
George Azar, setting the record straight, 
to clear up all the rumors and untruth’s about the
“ROTAVIRUS” in Perth Western Australia
Australian Racing Pigeon Journal Update – Editor, Jeff Howell

Important Announcement from George Azar, President Pigeon Racing Federation of WA (Inc.)

Important Announcement from George Azar, President Pigeon Racing Federation of WA (Inc.)


Hi Guys,
I wish to address the matter of the recurrence of the Rotavirus in a loft here in Perth.
Contrary to some rumors which have been circulating amongst the fraternity there is only ONE case which has been diagnosed and confirmed to be the Rotavirus which afflicted our birds in May of last year.

The DPI also found pseudo inclusion bodies in their testing so we have asked the Department to run a Herpesvirus PCR and we are currently awaiting the results of this test as it may be an underlying factor.

I am constantly fielding phone calls and having to reassure members who are panicked at the prospect of the Rotavirus returning to their lofts. I am also having to spend many hours unnecessarily on the phone to the Eastern States Explaining to them that we do not have an outbreak of the Rotavirus here in the West – we have in fact got ONE case. And quite frankly I am fed up with all these unnecessary speculations and rumors.

Our focus should be on remaining vigilant in the care and training of our birds (ensuring that they are not under undue stress or being tossed when in heavy moult) rather than gossiping and spreading all these rumors and heresy that have been floating around the Fed.

So, in future, the only information that you hear that you can guarantee to be true and correct will be any emails or reports which come from me – the President of the Federation. All other information cannot be confirmed and should not be believed.

If you notice any unusual health issues in your loft or have any unwell birds and suspect that you may have the virus, I urge you all to please contact me as soon as possible. In doing so we can remain on the front foot should the virus return to your loft and so that I can direct you to the DPI who will give you the best information possible at no cost to you. We don’t want to be in the same position as we were last year when we were unaware of the virus being present in some lofts at the start of the season.

Yours in the Sport,
George Azar
Pigeon Racing Federation of WA (Inc.)


Advice from

Dr. Rob Marshall, B. V. Sc, M.A.V. C. Sc (Avian Health)

to the Pigeon Racing Federation of WA (Inc.)

From: Dr Rob Marshall
Sent: Saturday, 1 April 2017 9:51 AM
To: ‘George Azar’
Subject: Virus Recommendations


Dear George and members of the WA Federation,


The recent analysis of pigeons showing similar symptoms as last year confirms that Rotavirus will infect some lofts again this year. This may occur after entering race or toss baskets and mixing with birds from other lofts . The disease will not be as severe as the initial outbreak. I believe the disease may not be seen at all in lofts that are otherwise healthy.


The emphasis of care now prior to the race season is to ensure the birds are fit and in good health before they are mixed with other birds. The signs of good health and fitness at this time of year are strong loft flying activity, healthy droppings and a fast body moult. I suggest there is a health problem if the moult is delayed or birds are not loft flying well. In this case seek veterinary help. It is advisable not to start heavy training until the birds are flying strongly and ranging as this will help decrease stress, which is more likely to trigger the Rotavirus infection. Please contact me directly with any health issues. It is recommended to follow the health advice detailed in the new Orange Pigeon Book for April and May.


In regards to the first federation toss; WPF are running a similar toss in the last week of April. However, your toss is a pivotal moment for all fanciers across Australia as it tells us what is going to happen 6 months down the track.  I do not expect major problems to be associated with this toss as long as no recently infected (within 4 weeks of the toss) birds enter the transporter. In preparation for this toss Quik Gel is recommended in the drinking water the day of basketing and on their return. KD Powder should be given in the drinking water the day after the toss. The birds should then be very carefully monitored during the 3 days following the toss for signs of watery droppings, fluffed up look and vomiting. These are the first signs of the disease. Crop feeding treatments should be initiated at the first sign of illness. This plan should save 95-100% of sick birds should the disease enter the loft. Antibiotics in the drinking water will limit the extent of the disease for the rest of the flock. Please refer to my Rotavirus instruction sheet for exact details. Birds that show no sign of the disease should not be treated with antibiotics other than those used for routine prevention programmes against resident diseases.


My prediction is that there will be little problems with this toss but it is important that we have exact feedback from all fanciers so that the Eastern states can benefit from your experience.


Please let me know if you need further help.


Rob Marshall




Carlingford Animal Hospital

772 Pennant Hills Road

Carlingford, NSW 2118


Phone: 02 9871 6036


ABN: 16 003 477 156


Pigeon Radio Monday,27th March,2017

Ivan Fonti
In studio Guests Tony and Angelo Barbara
Rod Simmons – www.winners1.com.au
Live from South Africa Loft manager of the SAMDPR and champion German Racing Pigeon Fancier Willi Van Beers
Peter Matic – www.petermaticlofts.com.au
GMPF – Tony McPherson

“BIRDY” bred by Sudhoff/Van Beers Germany

Pigeon Radio Monday,13th March,2017


Ivan Fonti
In studio guests Tony and Angelo Barbara
Lars Vercammen from the world champion lofts of Hok Jos Vercammen team in Belgium
Mark Kitchenbrand www.kitchenbrand.co.za champion South African Pigeon racer and one of the purchasers last week of the
most expensive Racing Pigeon in the world via www.pipa.be @ €360,000 EURO “GOLDEN PRINCE”
Panel guest, Champion Melbourne Australian Pigeon Racing flyer Michael Portelli

Mark Kitchenbrand and Samuel Mbiza handle their €360,000 world record purchase “Golden Prince” (Photos)

Mark Kitchenbrand radio interview on South Africa’s Kaya FM 95.9FM
www.kayafm.co.za 12th March 2017.

Gino Clicque together with Mark and Bill Kitchenbrand and Samuel Mbiza together with the pipa team, handling “GOLDEN PRINCE” for the first time. Photo source: Mark Kitchenbrand

Pigeon Media Pigeon Radio Australia are so happy for the now world famous and history-making South African Pigeon Fanciers Mark Kitchenbrand and Samuel Mbiza, for the fenominal purchase of the world famous Gino Clicque bird that sold on the weekend via the online racing pigeon auction site www.pipa.be for a staggering, €360,000.

The wing of the €360,000 EURO now World Famous Racing Pigeon “GOLDEN PRINCE” in the excited hands of Mark Kitchenbrand Photo source: Mark Kitchenbrand

Photos have emerged today on social media of them obtaining ownership and being able to handle their precious and expensive, world record racing pigeon purchase.

Pigeon Radio Australia would like to directly quote Mark Kitchenbrand after he handled the “GOLDEN PRINCE” for the first time.

“Golden Prince, what a champion, he handles like a superstar. Unbelievable muscles, what a wing and he is very strong, pulling his wing back without warning. Brilliant feather quality, powerful back. The best cock I have ever handled for sure” said Mark Kitchenbrand at the lofts of the previous owner and champion breeder of racing pigeons in Belgium, Gino Clicque.


New world record price paid for Belgian racing pigeon €360,000 EURO = $503,502.34 AUD

Gino Clicque, Holding one of his champion birds

One of the big stars of pigeon racing in Belgium is the West Flemish Gino Clicque. This successful fancier created a talented pigeon family based on Piraat (3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance KBDB 2008) and Super Prince (2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance KBDB 2010).

Lot #1 | Golden Prince – ONE OF THE BEST LD RACERS EVER IN BELGIUM! 1. NAT. ACE LONG DISTANCE KBDB ’14! 3.-4. & 14. National (only 3 LD races raced in his career) – ONE OF THE BEST PIGEONS EVER SOLD IN HISTORY

BE13-3031767 Bred by Clicque Gino,Offered by Clicque GinoExclusive to www.pipa.be ONLINE RACING PIGEON AUCTIONS


Mark Kitchenbrand and Mr. Samuel Mbiza, with the www.pipa.be team after the Auction in Belgium

The winning bid of €€360,000 EURO was made by a Mr. Mark Kitchenbrand from Johannesburg City in Gauteng, South Africa. Mr. Kitchenbrand is the Owner at SAPIR LOFT and Owner at Kitchenbrand’s Loft in South Africa and is an extremely passionate pigeon racer and fancier. Closely involved with the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race every year.
and Mr. Samuel Mbiza, the owner of Samuel Lofts in Walkerville South Africa.

Mark Kitchenbrand stated that Mr. Samuel is a very interesting person to be associated with because Samuel’s passion excites him. “He’s got a passion for excellence and he wants to take this sport to the next level”, Mark Kitchenbrand exclaimed.

Mark Kitchenbrand and Samuel Mbiza and the pipa.be team at the 360,000 Euro bid in Belgium waiting for the Auction to finish

Thomas Gyselbrecht from pipa.be on a recent visit to South Africa asked Mr. Samuel what his goal in the pigeon sport was. In response, Mr. Samuel said that it’s two things, mainly passion and to win. “I think most of the people have the similar spirit in this sport, which is the winning spirit. Fanciers race pigeons to win. I need to win and to be on the top rank in the sport”, answered Mr. Samuel.
He added that his other vision in this sport is to bring transformation in the African society, both economically and socially. “I am also introducing this sport to the black society, using the sport to take the youth out from drugs and crime, instill the love of the sport in them and empower all age groups to aspire economically”, said Mr. Samuel.


Pedigree of “Golden Prince”

Bidding was fierce between China and South Africa and a third new final bidder, only known as Johnny Johnny in the final stages of the Online racing pigeon auction, ww.pipa.be

After the auction ended, Mr. Mark Kitchenbrand posted this to Facebook. “Thank you to all our fellow South Africa’s for your support and prayers in the auction. Thank you also for all your well wishes and thanks also to the rest of the world for your well wishes. Thanks also to my partner Samuel you are a champion and thanks for sharing in my vision .”


In front of the lofts of Mr. Samuel Mbiza in Walkerville South Africa. Mr. Mark Kitchenbrand and Mr. Samuel Mbiza with representatives from www.pipa.be on a recent visit to South Africa. Photo source: Pipa.be

04/03/2017 12:49 360 000 EUR Samuel Loft / Kitchenbrand (South Africa)
04/03/2017 12:48 358 000 EUR Johnny Johnny
04/03/2017 12:32 356 000 EUR Samuel Loft / Kitchenbrand (South Africa)
04/03/2017 12:31 354 000 EUR Johnny Johnny
04/03/2017 12:26 352 000 EUR Samuel Loft / Kitchenbrand (South Africa)
04/03/2017 12:25 350 000 EUR Chinese Attack
04/03/2017 12:13 340 000 EUR Samuel Loft / Kitchenbrand (South Africa)
04/03/2017 12:13 338 000 EUR Chinese Attack
04/03/2017 12:06 336 000 EUR Samuel Loft / Kitchenbrand (South Africa)
04/03/2017 12:06 334 000 EUR Chinese Attack
04/03/2017 11:59 332 000 EUR Samuel Loft / Kitchenbrand (South Africa)
04/03/2017 11:59 330 000 EUR Chinese Attack
04/03/2017 11:57 328 000 EUR Samuel Loft / Kitchenbrand (South Africa)
04/03/2017 11:57 326 000 EUR Chinese Attack
04/03/2017 11:49 324 000 EUR Samuel Loft / Kitchenbrand (South Africa)
04/03/2017 11:48 322 000 EUR Chinese Attack
04/03/2017 11:38 320 000 EUR Samuel Loft / Kitchenbrand (South Africa)
04/03/2017 11:37 318 000 EUR Chinese Attack
04/03/2017 06:54 316 000 EUR Samuel Loft / Kitchenbrand (South Africa)
04/03/2017 06:54 314 000 EUR FFL Sky Chen
04/03/2017 06:38 312 000 EUR Samuel Loft / Kitchenbrand (South Africa)
04/03/2017 06:35 310 000 EUR FFL Sky Chen
04/03/2017 06:24 302 000 EUR Samuel Loft / Kitchenbrand (South Africa)
04/03/2017 06:13 300 000 EUR FFL Sky Chen
02/03/2017 17:34 296 000 EUR Samuel Loft / Kitchenbrand (South Africa)


The 1. National acebird long distance KBDB 2014

Son to ‘Gucci Prince’ x ‘Tina’


Winner of

      1. Nat. acebird long distance KBDB 2014

      Best long distance racer 3 races of Belgium 2014

      3. Nat. Brive YL – 3,850 birds 2014

      4. Nat. Tulle YL – 5,731 birds 2014

      14. Nat. Limoges YL – 6,907 birds 2014

      134. Nat. Zone Argenton YB – 3,297 birds 2013

      214. Nat. Zone Bourges YL – 3,461 birds 2014

      In local racing 2x 1. prize


Father to ‘076/16’

      5. prov. La Souterraine YB – 3,876 birds 2016

Father to ‘117/16’

      91. prov. Pontoise YB – 17,902 birds 2016

      99. Nat. Zone Chateauroux YB – 5,090 birds 2016

      Also 128.-251.-524.-580. prov.

Father to ‘672/15’

      67. prov. Fontenay YL – 4,832 birds 2016

      360. Nat. Jarnac YL – 3,904 birds 2016

      474. Nat. Limoges YL – 6,946 birds 2016



Father to ‘Golden Prince’ 767/13

      1. Nat. acebird long distance KBDB 2014 lowest coeff in last 20 years

Father to ‘Kletskopke’

      1. La Souterraine – 430 birds / 3. Nat. Zone 2,877 birds

      6. prov. Compiegne – 2,161 birds

      18. prov. Chateaudun – 4,003 birds

      48. Nat. Zone Gueret – 2,707 birds

Bred from ‘Super Prince’

      2. Nat. acebird Great Middle Distance KBDB 2010

      1. prov. Bourges I 2010 – 2,170 birds / 5. Nat. 22,516 birds

      1. prov. Bourges II 2010 – 604 birds / 4. Nat. 10,906 birds

      2. prov. Argenton 2010 – 1,398 birds / 6. Nat. 10,549 birds

      7. prov. Poitiers 2010 – 1,153 birds

      8. prov. Bourges 2009 – 2,286 birds / 12. Nat. 22,499 birds

      Also 32.-52.-86. prov. winner

      Breeder of generations super pigeons

Bred from ‘Daught Bijter 068’

– Mother Luc Denaye winner

      1. Nat. Zone Chateauroux 5,997 birds

– G.mother to ‘Golden Boy’

      1. Nat. acebird long distance KBDB 2014



Mother to ‘Golden Prince’ 767/13

      1. Nat. acebird long distance KBDB 2014 lowest coeff in last 20 years

Mother to ‘512/15’

      54. Nat. Chateauroux YL – 29,591 birds 2016

Full sister to ‘Tommy’

      32. Nat. Poitiers – 13,813 birds

      72. Nat. Chateauroux – 15,902 birds

      84. Nat. La Souterraine – 9,548 birds

‘Tommy’ is breeder of

      44. Nat. Jarnac YL – 3,904 birds 2016

      161. Nat. Limoges YL – 6,946 birds 2016

      914. Nat. Chateauroux YB – 14,762 birds 2016

Bred from ‘595 Grandson Bugno’

– Halfbrother to

      1. prov. Tours

      1. prov. Chateauroux

– Grandson to ‘Bugno’

      13. Nat. Bourges – 19,396 birds

      17. Nat. Argenton – 2,184 birds

      336. Nat. Limoges – 19,076 birds

Bred from ‘Blue 040’

      1. Ablis winner

– G.daughter to ‘Den Bourges’

      1. Nat. Bourges – 19,606 birds


Original Gino Clicque

Source: www.pipa.be

Pigeon Radio Monday,27th February,2017

Graeme Tarrant

Alex Caruana

Ivan Fonti
In studio guests, Angelo and Tony Barbara
Graeme Tarrant – PRF Flyer, Western Australia
Gary Gillard Pigeon Vitality Australia NEW PRODUCTS
Australian Racing Pigeon Journal Update March issue Editor, Jeff Howell http://www.pigeonjournal.com
Alex Caruana from Sydney Australia Raises some concerns
GMPF – Tony McPheson
VRPU – Rod Simmons

Pigeon Radio Monday,20th February,2017

Tonight the GRAND FINALE! for the VERY LAST TIME on Pigeon Radio Australia closure and discussion
about the current ROTAVIRUS outbreak in Australia
Solutions to the virus presented by Pigeon radio Australia’s official Avian Vet,
Dr. Rob Marshall, B. V. Sc, M.A.V. C. Sc (Avian Health)
Panel discussion with Dr.Rob Marshall, include
President of the Pigeon Racing Federation of Western Australia George Azar
Tony McPherson from the GMPF Greater Melbourne Pigeon Federation of Melbourne
Ivan Fonti
In studio guests, Tony and Angelo Barbara and Ivan Fonti
Panel discussion about Dr. Rob Marshall’s presentation tonight
South Coast Federation Secretary, Sydney NSW Australia, Neil Cavill
VRPU correspondent – Rod Simmons
President of the Pigeon Racing Federation of Western Australia George Azar
GMPF – Correspondent, Tony McPherson
Exclusively to Pigeon Radio Australia

CLICK HERE Pigeon Radio Australia Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal online Donations page 

WPF Will be Racing 2017 – Western Pigeon Federation Melbourne Australia

We have been informed by the secretary of WPF in Melbourne, Michael Portelli, this morning, to announce and inform the pigeon fraternity of Melbourne, that the WPF will definitely be racing in the 2017 season.

There have been rumors going around to the contrary, and these rumors are false and untrue.

If you have any questions about this, please do not listen to gossip and rumors. Contact WPF secretary Michael Portelli, via the WPF website.


CLICK HERE  – Official Website Western Pigeon Federation Melbourne Australia



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