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Pigeon Radio Monday,24th July,2017


Ivan Fonti
In studio guests Tony and Angelo Barbara
VPO Fed Winner Nicholas Gecas
WPF Fed Winner Pat Pace
VRPU Rod Simmons
This week’s WPF Fed Winner Michael Portelli
President Pigeon Racing Federation Western Australia
George Azar
New WPF Junior flyer 15-year-old Justin Tenaglia
New Sydney Racing Pigeon Fancier Pece Mihailov
John Berto Keilor Racing Pigeon club items for sale

Pigeon Radio Monday,17th July,2017

Ivan Fonti
In studio guest Tony Barbara
VRPU – Rod Simmons
International correspondent Peter Matic
Champion German Racing Pigeon Fancier
Denis Faber, LIVE from Germany.
This weeks WPF – Western Pigeon Federation Melbourne Australia
Fed Winners team P & P Pace – Pauline and Pat Pace
1st Federation WPF from Rochester Victoria 160 KM
United Racing Pigeon Club – WPF.

Pigeon Radio Monday,10th July,2017

Ivan Fonti
In studio guests Tony Barbara and Antonio Barbara
VRPU – Rod Simmons
GMPF – Tony McPherson
International correspondent – Peter Matic
WPF – Western Pigeon Federation fed winner this week John Saggers from the Saggers Bros. Team 1st Fed from Rochester on Saturday

Dr. Rob Marshall’s visit to Melbourne a great success with an overwhelming response shown by Melbourne Racing Pigeon Fanciers

Dr. Rob Marshall’s visit to Melbourne a great success with an overwhelming response shown by Melbourne Racing Pigeon Fanciers
After an overwhelming response and support shown by Melbourne Racing Pigeon Fanciers last night, Dr. Rob Marshall, B. V. Sc, M.A.V. C. Sc (Avian Health), will be visiting Melbourne monthly from now on. It was a great night with an overwhelming number of flyers presenting their birds for a health check last night. Dr. Rob paid all his traveling expenses himself and did not charge anyone for their bird’s health check, last night. It was all FREE! It was a great success and Dr. Rob has a huge following and support from the Racing Pigeon fraternity of Melbourne Australia

Every Person that attended received a copy od Dr. Rob’s new Book, “THE ORANGE PIGEON BOOK” for FREE!

Pigeon Radio Monday,3rd July,2017

Ivan Fonti
In studio guests Tony and Angelo Barbara
New flyer and new to Pigeon Racing Daniel
Author shares love of everyday animals in children’s books
Author and professor of illustration at Kutztown University Kevin McCloskey. McCloskey is the author of children’s books “We Dig Worms,”The Real Poop on Pigeons,” and “Something Fishy.”
A trip down memory lane Interview with Graeme “DAVO” Davison from January 2015 Some great tips from one of Australia’s greatest Racing Pigeon champions Interview from 2005 with the Late Great John Wetering Mr. John Wetering: President of the very strong
Springvale club for many years, but primarily recognized for his racing success. He remains the most prolific
winner of Federation events, and on two occasions won four events in the one season. In 1999
he won two Young Bird events (including YB Derby), and two Old Bird events (Including Produce),
a feat which may never be repeated. His family of “Wetering Delbars” became famous throughout Australia.

Dr. Rob Marshall, B. V. Sc, M.A.V. C. Sc (Avian Health) Coming to Melbourne Tuesday 4th July @ 6.30PM

Pigeon Radio Australia’s official Vet and now Western Pigeon Federation vet (WPF Melbourne ) Dr. Rob Marshall, B. V. Sc, M.A.V. C. Sc (Avian Health), Is Visiting the WPF Federation rooms to give a health check to birds before racing commences in Melbourne Australia for the 2017 season. Dr. Rob will be in the rooms on Tuesday 4th July from 6:30 PM.

Any Racing Pigeon Fancier in any of the Melbourne federations is welcome to visit the WPF rooms in Carrington Drive Sunshine and get your birds health checked before racing commences in 2017. 

You are required to brings droppings from your loft of that morning in varying sections labeled in separate zip bags. You are also required to bring with you 6 birds from your race loft.

Show Budgerigar Breeders are also welcome to come along and bring their Budgerigar for testing. Show budgie members are required to bring droppings in a zip bag and labeled. Budgie breeders are also required to bring 4 birds.

Budgie breeders are required to be there at 8 PM as budgie testing will not begin until 8 PM.

Pigeon Radio Monday,26th June,2017

Ivan Fonti
In studio guests, Tony and Angelo Barbara
Dr. Rob Marshall, B. V. Sc, M.A.V. C. Sc (Avian Health)
appointed official WPF Avian vet, announces coming to Melbourne
monthly this racing season 2017 to the Western Pigeon Federation
to give the race birds health check during racing, post rotavirus.
John Floros One of the VRPU – Victorian Racing Pigeon Union Long distance champions
Interviewing panel…
VRPU – Rod Simmons
GMPF Tony McPherson
International correspondent – Peter Matic
Pigeon Racing Victoria’s president Tas Gazis
the $100,000 Victoria Cup and progress of
Pigeon Racing Victoria in the promotion of our sport 


Pigeon Radio Monday,5th June,2017

Andrew Wilton from London, United Kingdom

London combine winner from 28th May 2017, for D.Wilton and son (Andrew Wilton) he is now a double combine winner as he won the same race in 2015 and has also won a long list of club and fed positions in his racing career.

Ivan Fonti
In studio guest Tony Barbara
VRPU Rod Simmons Interviews VRPU Flyer and Long distance race winner John Flores
GMPF Tony McPherson
Andrew Wilton, Biggin Lane Lofts, Racing Pigeon Fancier in London who races under the name of
D.Wilton and Son in London in the United Kingdom

APOLOGY: Due to technical problems in the studio, in the first part of the
start of the program, the audio in the live program was difficult to hear live.
In the podcast, we have enhanced the audio so the interview is audible and you are able to listen to it
. Just in the first part of the interview, there is a bit of interference but please
persevere with this, it is quite good after about 5 mins into the interview.
Again, Pigeon Radio Australia apologizes for this technical error. It has since been rectified
and we should not experience this problem again. Ivan Fonti executive producer

Congratulations to Southern Racing Federation Sydney. First Pigeon Race of 2017 Season Progressed Smoothly and Without Incident

Pigeon Radio Australia would like to congratulate and is extremely happy to see that the Southern Racing Federation in Sydney’s, first race for the 2017 season went ahead smoothly and without any incident.
After all the threats, letter writing to government departments, animal welfare groups, Newspapers, etc.

ROTAVIRUS has been present in Europe for more than 20 years. This report from Veterinary professionals in the United Kingdom

These Veterinary professionals have been dealing with the ROTAVIRUS in Pigeons for 20 years or more

Taken from the website showing pricing for ROTAVIRUS testing in the United Kingdom.

Rotavirus testing can be obtained from these veterinary professionals in the United Kingdom. Web site address above.

Here is an email answer received by a fancier in Australia from these veterinary professionals in the United Kingdom.

ROTAVIRUS was named ROTA, because of its wheel like characteristic appearance under an electron microscope.

ROTAVIRUS in the UK and Europe.
Rotavirus is still a major issue in the UK at present. The health program and products we would advise are recent developments.
The majority of birds in the UK either become infected in the loft at 5-6 weeks old, or else will pick it up during their first race.
A responsible loft owner would be waiting a minimum of 2 weeks after the clinical signs of Rotavirus before sending birds to race. However as there are so many native birds in Australia this may be extended to 4 weeks or more, potentially beginning once all birds in the loft no longer show clinical signs, and may even include the testing of birds for the virus afterward. These precautions are sensible, but may not be consistently practical nor enforceable depending upon the race. Equally some people may choose to quarantine their birds after a race to ensure no rotavirus is brought back into the loft.
There is an infectious stage, running through the period of clinical signs and two weeks thereafter, but we are not aware of any birds becoming carriers. There are occasions, such as in parent stock, when the virus has been isolated with no noticeable clinical signs, although this is a stressful time and it is believed infection due to stress-related immunosuppression has occurred.
We are uncertain as to how long the immunity to the disease lasts after infection. This is dependent upon the immune status of the bird, the level of challenge, any continued challenge, and future immune status. Reinfection is a possibility.
The food additive product is a newly developed product, originally produced for use in calves and piglets. We have since been using it on game birds in the UK with good success rates. Native birds include any animal with no immunity to the virus. This includes young birds, but also adults which have never been exposed, and adults in which the immunity to the virus has waned below the minimum level to keep the bird safe.

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