Melbourne – Australia – WPF – 9 August 2017: Last nights visit and bird health checks were once again met with a colossal response.

Around 60 to 70 WPF flyers last night, presented birds to DrRob Marshall, B. V. Sc, M.A.V. C. Sc (Avian Health), for health checks.

Dr. Rob gave a talk about some of the health issues we are experiencing at the moment with our birds and you could have heard a pin drop in the rooms while this was taking place. 

Birds were checked and swabs were taken and generally, the birds at the WPF received a clean bill of health from Dr. Rob.

Swabs were also taken of the transporter to get to the bottom of the recent eye problems that some flyers are experiencing, looks to be an irritant of some sort that the birds have picked up in the transporter. This eye problem DrRob Marshall, B. V. Sc, M.A.V. C. Sc (Avian Health), stated is not associated with the “ROTAVIRUS” whatsoever. It has no association to the rotavirus. It is not chlamydia and after culture tests, Dr. Rob will get to the bottom of the problem.

WPF flyers wish to thank DrRob Marshall, B. V. Sc, M.A.V. C. Sc (Avian Health) for visiting us in Melbourne. The response was so huge all the health checks went on till after midnight.