Beginners to Winners by Adam Georgelin

agBeginners to Winners

by Adam Georgelin


July 2016 – Volume 1, Issue 1

  1. Skill and Error – DESPITE the skill involved in navigating hundreds of kilometers in only a few hours,
    little exposure is given to the sport of pigeon racing. read more…
  2. Up, UP and AWAY – YOU may have seen articles published in November last year and a follow up article in June in the
    Victorian North Central Review Newspaper about a group of locals
    from the Wallan Racing Pigeon Club. read more…
  3. Farm Life – THE success of racing pigeons is said to come down to three main routines, breeding,
    feeding and training, each as important as the next.
    I sat down with Bendigo pigeon federation flyer and 2015 combine
    aggregate point’s winner Rodney Clarke to get his opinions
    and some tips for all us novice pigeon flyers  read more…
  4. Who do you think you are – AS I sit here behind my keyboard writing stories for your entertainment it has dawned on me,
    most of you will be thinking to yourself, who is this guy? read more…
  5. Off the beaten track – In my short time involved in this sport as a solo flier it has come to my
    attention how lucky I am to know
    the people involved in the sport that I do.  read more…

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