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ROTAVIRUS has been present in Europe for more than 20 years. This report from Veterinary professionals in the United Kingdom

These Veterinary professionals have been dealing with the ROTAVIRUS in Pigeons for 20 years or more

Taken from the website showing pricing for ROTAVIRUS testing in the United Kingdom.

Rotavirus testing can be obtained from these veterinary professionals in the United Kingdom. Web site address above.

Here is an email answer received by a fancier in Australia from these veterinary professionals in the United Kingdom.

ROTAVIRUS was named ROTA, because of its wheel like characteristic appearance under an electron microscope.

ROTAVIRUS in the UK and Europe.
Rotavirus is still a major issue in the UK at present. The health program and products we would advise are recent developments.
The majority of birds in the UK either become infected in the loft at 5-6 weeks old, or else will pick it up during their first race.
A responsible loft owner would be waiting a minimum of 2 weeks after the clinical signs of Rotavirus before sending birds to race. However as there are so many native birds in Australia this may be extended to 4 weeks or more, potentially beginning once all birds in the loft no longer show clinical signs, and may even include the testing of birds for the virus afterward. These precautions are sensible, but may not be consistently practical nor enforceable depending upon the race. Equally some people may choose to quarantine their birds after a race to ensure no rotavirus is brought back into the loft.
There is an infectious stage, running through the period of clinical signs and two weeks thereafter, but we are not aware of any birds becoming carriers. There are occasions, such as in parent stock, when the virus has been isolated with no noticeable clinical signs, although this is a stressful time and it is believed infection due to stress-related immunosuppression has occurred.
We are uncertain as to how long the immunity to the disease lasts after infection. This is dependent upon the immune status of the bird, the level of challenge, any continued challenge, and future immune status. Reinfection is a possibility.
The food additive product is a newly developed product, originally produced for use in calves and piglets. We have since been using it on game birds in the UK with good success rates. Native birds include any animal with no immunity to the virus. This includes young birds, but also adults which have never been exposed, and adults in which the immunity to the virus has waned below the minimum level to keep the bird safe.

Pigeon Radio Monday,22nd May,2017

Ivan Fonti
In studio guest, Tony Barbara
International correspondent, Peter Matic
Special guest live via telephone link from the Netherlands
One of the great champions of the Pigeon sport in the world
Ad Schaerlaeckens –
VRPU – Rod Simmons

Pigeon Radio Monday,15th May,2017

Ivan Fonti
In Studio Guests – Rod Simmons, Tony and Angelo Barbara
Laurie Dennis from Taree Old Bar Racing Pigeon Club
LIVE from Thailand Ex-patriot Melbourne Australian
Champion Racing Pigeon Fancier David Finnerty
Australian Racing Pigeon Journal Update with Editor Jeff Howell
Peter Matic
GMPF – Tony McPherson


Most recent case of ROTAVIRUS in Melbourne, Clinton Sparrow

Melbourne Australian Racing Pigeon Fancier Clinton Sparrow, a member of the Greater Melbourne Pigeon Federation. Lives in the South East of Melbourne Australia – He has recently contracted the ROTAVIRUS in his loft.
This is DAY 6 with NO DEATHS.



Melbourne Australian Racing Pigeon Fancier Clinton Sparrow – ROTAVIRUS DAY 7 Ending



Michael Portelli of the WPF

Video: One of Melbourne Australia’s TOP CHAMPION Racing Pigeon Fanciers
Michael Portelli. a proud member and secretary of the Western Pigeon Federation – W.P.F
in Melbourne Australia. This video was taken during the outbreak of the ROTAVIRUS in his loft.

Michael has an extremely excellent constitution in his loft and is to be highly commended and congratulated on how he keeps and looks after his Racing Pigeons.
Michaels loft and birds are mostly in perfect condition
on most occasions. This video shows how a champion Racing Pigeon Fancier deals with the virus in a positive and unfearful manner to get his birds through the virus with minimal damage.
Congratulations Michael Portelli, for being a winner once again in the health management of your birds.

Video diary of the effects of the Rota-virus through the loft of J & M Portelli : This is day 8



Another Melbourne Australian Racing Pigeon Fancier records
Pat and Pauline Pace – Team P & P Pace – WPF
Racing Pigeon Fanciers from Fawkner, Melbourne Australia.
There are two baths under all those feathers …
Day 8 since first signs of symptoms of confirmed Rotavirus …
They couldn’t wait to get in the bath …
droppings pretty much normal and vomiting has ceased …
No Mortalities… all good 👍



Neil Cavill member of the South Coast Federation Sydney day 1 and 2 of Rotavirus NO DEATHS

Neil Cavill- SCF – ROTAVIRUS video diary continues into day 4 in 3 parts only 1 mortality

First part is the Morning walk through.
Second part is the Evening update.

A quick tidy up, feed in troughs. Electrolyte and Emtryi in water. Birds still a little fluffed up but
I’ve moved them through the lofts a few times to get them moving. Day 4

Lunchtime check

Neil Cavill – SCF – Australia – ROTAVIRUS Video diary Lunchtime day 8
Birds recovering, not many losses in the loft.

Pigeon Radio Monday,8th May,2017

Ivan Fonti
In studio guest Tony Barbara
International correspondent Peter Matic interviews
German Racing Pigeon Champion Martin Steffl live from Germany
Panel discussion on recent WPF controlled toss and ROTAVIRUS infections since the controlled toss Panel includes
WPF – Michael Portelli
WPF – Steve Cutajar
GMPF – Tony Mc Pherson
Peter Matic

Pigeon Radio Monday,1st May,2017

Ivan Fonti
In studio guests, Tony and Angelo Barbara
Dr. Rob Marshall,  new developments, in the ROTAVIRUS
outbreaks in Australia. Together with assembled panel,
Michael Portelli – WPF
Rod Simmons – VRPU
Tony McPherson – GMPF
Peter Matic, interviews dutch Racing Pigeon Champion
André Van de Wiel Live from the Netherlands.

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