Monthly archives: June, 2015

Pigeon Radio Tuesday,30th June, 2015.


Congratulations to Catherine Evans for
winning todays prize give away, a Herremans Ceusters
Blue Bar, donated by Andrew Spiliopoulos Surrey Lofts

Ivan Fonti and Joe Angelino
1435548007529Keith Wrightson 022214World War 2 Australian
Army Pigeon corps.
Ken McCall
GMPF Fed Winner Michael Sanchez
Melbourne Pigeon Society – MIchael Spadoni
GMPF – Tony McPherson
VRPU – Rod Simmons
WPF – Chris Cachia
VPO – John Judde

Pigeon Radio Tuesday, 23rd June,2015.


Congratultions to the winners of
the NDC Pigeon Products on Today’s program

Ivan Fonti and Joe Angelino
peterPeter Matic on Euro Feeding system
and Salmonella in Pigeons
Kevin Leighton VRPU Sprint series
fvChampion Melbourne flyer Frank Velluto
GMPF Tony McPherson
VPO John Judde
VHA Jesse Egan
Melbourne Pigeon Society Michael Spadoni

Pigeon Radio Tuesday, 16th June,2015.


Ado Family Lofts

Congratulations to Joe Denaro
and Steve Cutajar for winning this weeks
prize draws.
Pigeons from Ado Family lofts in Georgia U.S.A.
to be entered in the biggest one loft race in
the United States of America.

Ivan Fonti and Joe Angelino
Ado Zohorovic – Ado Family Lofts
Georgia U.S.A –
Kevin Leighton VRPU Sprint Series
Vince Cannizzo – Aussie Lofts winner of
this weeks VRPU sprint series race
Melbourne Pigeon Society – MIchael Spadoni
VPO – John Judde
VRPU – Rod Simmons
GMPF – Tony McPherson
VHA – Jesse Egan
Talk back caller Daniel Tenaglia

Pigeon Radio Tuesday, 9th June,2015.


Congratulations to Dean Smith for winning
Today’s prize draw on Pigeon Radio.

Ivan Fonti and Joe Angelino
Kevin Leighton from the VRPU
organizer of the VRPU sprint series races
GMPF – Tony McPherson
2Joe Denaro, winner of last weeks VRPU race from Wonthaggi
VPO – John Judde
WPF – Chris Cachia
VHA – Jesse Egan

Pigeon Radio Tuesday, 2nd June,2015.

11165215_1445408222442650_9182050297821875253_nCongratulations to Pino Deluca for
winning today’s prize on Pigeon Radio
A pack of Oregano powder, which was highly
recomended last week on Pigeon Radio
by Champion Pigeon flyer from optimaxGermany and Loft Manager of the Million dollar Pigeon Race in South Africa Willi Van Beers
and also a bottle of Chia seed Oil with Garlic and Honey

Ivan Fonti and Joe Angelino
Brett Evans from the
Dandenong Racing Pigeon Club
King Island Race 2 Results

Vince Cannizzo – VRPU flyer winner of the first
VRPU sprint series race from Wonthaggi
VRPU – Rod Simmons
GMPF – Tony McPherson
VHA – Jesse Egan
Champion VRPU flyer Joe Denaro
Champion flyer and new
GMPF flyer first race in GMPF Pino Deluca

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