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Pigeon Radio Tuesday, 28th April,2015.

Congratulations to John Mifsud of
Maidstone in Victoria, for winning today’s prize.


Ivan Fonti and Joe Angelino
Martin Bannano – complete sell out of birds
VRPU – Rod Simmons
GMPF – Tony McPherson
Melbourne Pigeon Society – Michael Spadoni

Special Guest, Belgian Young Bird and Sprint champion


Jelle Rozier

VHA – Andrew Spiliopoulos
Ivan Fonti and Joe Angelino – competition draw

Pigeon Radio Tuesday, 21st April,2015. Anzac Day Special Program.


Congratulations to New flyer Lindsay Hancock
for winning the grizzle cock bird
donated by Joe Angelino.

Anzac Day Special Show
Featuring …
Ivan Fonti and Joe Angelino
Anzac Day tribute to the birds of war
Special Guest John Saggers Yaraville club WPF


Portrait of mounted carrier pigeon, Blue Bar cock DD43 T139, with Dickin Medal. The photograph was signed by George Adams and presented to breeder, Gordon Whittle. This pigeon was donated to the army in 1943, as a patriotic gesture by a civilian pigeon fancier, Mr George Adams of 11 Vigo Street, Footscray, Victoria, for use in signals units in New Guinea. Mr Adams, however, was not the bird’s breeder. As part of his effort to obtain birds for the war effort Adams approached members of pigeon clubs in the Melbourne area, seeking the donation of birds. After he had approached the Yarraville Pigeon Club, one of its members, Mr Gordon Whittle, whose family had bred and raced pigeons for many years, donated a number of birds. One of the pigeons he bred (DD43 T139) was awarded the Dickin Medal for gallantry as a result of a flight he undertook through a severe tropical storm near Madang, New Guinea, on 12 July 1945. At the time the pigeon was located at 10 Pigeon Section (Type B) attached to Detachment 55 Port Craft Company, Madang. On that day he carried the following message, from a foundering boat to Madang, flying 40 miles in 50 minutes: ‘To: Detachment 55 Australian Port Craft Company, MADANG. From: A.B. 1402. Date: 12.7.45. Engine Failed. Wash on to beach at WADAU owing very heavy seas. Send help immediately. Am rapidly filling with sand. TOO: 0800 – Senders signature – HOLLAND Cpl. TO Liberation 0805 – No. of copies 2. TOR at Loft – 0855’. As a result of the successful delivery of the message the boat together with valuable stores, ammunition and equipment was salvaged. The bird had previously completed 23 operational flights over a total distance of 1,004 miles.

VPO – John Judde
GMPF – Tony McPherson
VRPU – Rod Simmons
WPF – Chris Cachia
Melbourne Pigeon Society – Michael Spadoni

Pigeon Radio Tuesday,14th April,2015.


Congratulations to Mark Paine
for winning the Rollers bred by
Alan Hill,Organized by Darren Dolheguy

Ivan Fonti and Joe Angelino
Mark Paine M & M One loft race
Alan Hill, Secretary of the
Melbourne Performing Rollers Club
Carlene Clark about monthly
Pigeon Fanciers dinner
Herman Beckers champion Ballarat
Pigeon flyer
VRPU – Rod Simmons
Melbourne Pigeon Society – Michael Spadoni
GMPF – Tony McPherson
VPO – John Judde
WPF – Chris Cachia

Pigeon Radio Tuesday,7th April,2015.


Congratulations to John Mifsud, for
winning todays prize give away from
Tony McPherson.

Ivan Fonti and Joe Angelino
Special Guest Dario Trbovic

Application for pigeon breeders and
Pigeon Flyers
Special guest from Sydney Jan Pearson
in relation to export birds from Australia to
Europe for one loft races and Australian
birds not being accepted and Australia being
considered a third world country.
VHA correspondent – Andrew Spilioupolos
about Andrew and VHA report
VRPU correspondent – Rod Simmons
GMPF correspondent – Tony McPherson
Michael Spadoni – Fancy pigeon correspondent

Pigeon Radio Tuesday,31st March,2015.


Congratulations to Eddie Bonnici, for winning
the Tiger Grizzle today donated by
High-Speed Lofts,Willi Theile, South Australia.

Apologies for a few breaks due to overloaded servers for the program yesterday.

Ivan Fonti and Joe Angelino
Special guest LIVE from Belgium
World champion Belgian Pigeon Flyer Jos Thone


Jos Thone


Joe Angelino’s Kids on Pigeon Racing
Olivia Angelino,Joey Angelino and Samantha Dodd.
Rod Simmons – VRPU correspondent
Michael Spadoni – Fancy and show Pigeon Society correspondent
Tony McPherson – GMPF correspondent
Andrew Spiliopoulos – VHA corespondent

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